So, this is the start of a blogging journey which I hopefully will keep exploring. I've been pondering for some time if I should get into blogging, the purpose beeing multifold;

  • Having a place to document my own learning. I sometimes find myself researching the same topics over and over again and having a place for myself to collect my findings and thoughts on topics thats interests me and might be of use to someone else as well seems like a good idea.
  • Enhance my own learning. If there is something that forces you to actually learn - it is writing about it for others to learn.
  • Contributing and sharing knowledge. Hopefully, someone else might actually learn something from this blog.
  • Marketing. I have a lingering idea that I might try freelancing at some time in the future and building a web presence is a part of this. Blogging is a great marketing tool.
  • Doing something useful instead of...not doing it. This blog and web page is in itself also a place for me to learn and explore technology, design and communication. Instead of gaming or wasting time on twitter, tinkering with this project seems like a more fruitful endeavor.